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How Diet Affects PCOS: - Foods to Avoid in PCOS | PCOD

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a very common health problem in women. PCOS affects mostly hormones.  Best PCOS Treatment In Delhi | Dr. SHABNAM Most common symptoms are:- -Irregular period or no menstruation.  -Acne -Hair loss -Unwanted growth of hair -Infertility -Obesity -Skin darkening Best PCOS Specialist In Delhi | Dr. SHABNAM Foods to Avoid in PCOS | PCOD Women suffering from PCOS / PCOD should avoid the following foods:- Fried foods Sugary drinks Processed meats ( Processed food (ex. cakes, candy, sweetened yogurt, with excess sugar) Refined Carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, and pastries) Best PCOS treatment in Delhi is given by Dr. SHABNAM. Dr. SHABNAM is the Best PCOS Doctor in Delhi & Best Doctor for PCOD. Her PCOS Treatment | PCOD Treatment results are best in Industry. #pcos #pcod #polycysticovarysyndrome