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PCOS Specialist in Delhi | Dr. SHABNAM | PCOS Doctor near me

PCOS/PCOD is a hormonal problem that happens during the reproductive years of women.


Irregular periods or disturbed periods. Having less menstrual periods or having irregular periods are common signs of PCOS. 

So having periods that last for many days For example, you might have fewer than 6 periods a year. And those periods may be more than 35 days apart. 


You may be getting trouble in pregnancy.

Too much Male hormone:--

High levels of the hormone androgen may result in excess of body & facial hair. This is called hirsutism. 

Sometimes, severe pimples and male-pattern baldness may also happen.

Polycystic ovaries on ultrasound:--

Ovaries might be bigger in volume on ultrasound. Many immature follicles develop around the edge of the ovary. The ovaries might not work in the same way they should.

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